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Merchant Onboarding

Ambassadors support the scaling of the eCredits Ecosystem by onboarding new Merchants. As an Ambassador, your main task is to approach prospective Merchants and invite them to become eCredits acceptance points.

How do I onboard Merchants?

Once you pass the eCredits Ambassador Course, obtain the Ambassador Subscription, and are officially a part of the SCE Affiliate Program, you can start onboarding Merchants. Inviting Merchants can be done in the eWallet App:

  • Open your eWallet App and login with your credentials. Make sure you are using the eWallet account where you have the Ambassador status.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Click on the blue "Invite a friend" button below your profile image.
  • On the "Invite a friend" screen, you have two options:
  • Enter the email address of the Merchant you want to invite and click “Continue.” An email invitation will be automatically sent to them.
  • Generate a personal invitation link by tapping the “Create link” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the generated link and share it with the Merchant through email, Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other supported channel.

The Merchant will receive a Welcome Bonus as soon as they register in the eWallet App.

You will receive an eActivity Invite Bonus of 300 ACT and a Finder’s Fee of 95 EUR in your eWallet once the Merchant accepts the invitation, obtains the Merchant Subscription, and makes their first transaction using eCredits. You will also get a “Revenue Share” for the first year, which is 20% of the amount of the transaction-fees paid by your onboarded Merchant.

When onboarding, you can also support the Merchant in setting up their business account if needed.


To inform the Merchant, use only the official eCredits information materials, eCredits Explained videos, design templates and logos. This ensures that correct information is passed on to the Merchant.

Interaction with Merchants

Ambassadors introduce Merchants to eCredits' numerous applications and features that help them stay competitive. Ambassadors should communicate these benefits to Merchants:

  • eActivity and eCashback
  • eCredits and Ethereum acceptance
  • Marketing and reporting functions
  • Increased profits due to low fees and small initial and operating costs
  • Instant transaction settlement
  • Immediately ready for operation, no cashier integration costs
  • Fast and secure
  • eActivity Transaction Bonus: 50% of the paid transaction fees in ACT.
  • Merchant Subscription Bonus: 300 ACT is granted once the Merchant Subscription is paid

Make sure to also communicate Merchant Fees:

  • Optional: Premium Business Subscription (must be renewed annually)
  • Transaction Fees: Costs to receive transaction s from Consumers (gas costs included)
  • Network Fees: Paid by a Merchant for sending funds to other wallets, or refunds

Code of Conduct

We want to ensure that the behavior of our Ambassadors is in line with our ethos.

These rules must be followed:

  • Ambassadors are not salespeople
  • Don’t pressure or force Merchants
  • Don’t use misinformation
  • Establish trust
  • Put yourself in their shoes
  • No promises in terms of eCredits’s worth
  • Support if needed

For more information, see the official eCredits Merchant Info-Video.

Quality Assurance Procedures are in place to ensure that Ambassador interactions with eCredits points of acceptance meet the above requirements.

Ongoing tracking:

  • Random telephone checks with Merchants
  • Control of support cases and complaints