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What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors play a crucial role in expanding the eCredits Ecosystem by onboarding new Merchants. They become certified experts through training at the eCredits Academy and are rewarded for their efforts and commitment. To qualify for rewards, Ambassadors are required to participate in "The People's SCE Affiliate Program."

How to get started:

Why should I become an Ambassador?

  • Finder’s Fee:
    • 10 Euro in ECS for every new Merchant you onboard that subscribed to a Basic Business Subscription, set up their eWallet App account and made their first transaction in ECS.
    • 80 Euro in ECS for every new Merchant you onboard that purchased a Premium Business Subscription.
  • Revenue Share:
    Earn 20% of the amount of the first year’s transaction fees paid by your Merchant
  • eActivity Invite Bonus:
    • For a new Merchant: Earn 300 ACT once they pay their Merchant Subscription
    • For a new user: Earn 100 ACT once they make their first purchase with ECS
  • Ambassador Subscription Bonus:
    Earn 300 ACT when your invitee pays their Ambassador Subscription

How can I become an Ambassador?

  • Create an eCredits account in the eWallet App
  • Complete the eCredits Ambassador Course
  • Pass the final test of the eCredits Ambassador Course
  • Receive the official Ambassador Certificate
  • Subscribe with your eCredits account to the “Ambassador Subscription” in the Web Portal under the menu item “Ambassador”
  • Receive an email confirmation of participation in the SCE Affiliate Program