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This documentation is created to help you to use eCredits. It covers eCredits in general, node setup, and metamask configurations. It will be updated and expanded.

This is an open-source documentation which you can also find on GitHub under the general eSync Network GitHub account at

What is eSync Network

The eSync Network is a public blockchain based on a proven set of technologies, the Ethereum protocol, one of the most established open source blockchain protocols. This technology has been adopted and extended for this project and provides the perfect foundation for building a rapidly-growing ecosystem and can even be optimized further.
The eSync Network has a block-time of five seconds and is fully compatible with Ethereum and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).


The eCredits Ecosystem is the platform of a movement consisting of local and regional micro-ecosystems that create, offer, and sell services and products with the help of the eSync Network. These services are aligned to help Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and establish parity with or even gain an edge over larger market players such as international corporations.

The native cryptocurrency of the eCredits Ecosystem is called eCredits (ECS). By using ECS, users generate eActivity (ACT), which constitutes a reward system for loyal relationships. Based on such relationships, partners will introduce a variety of additional services including marketing,sales and others.

eCredits seeks to be a currency of value - the people's currency for daily use - by supporting and empowering local economies through neighborly relations and enterpreneurial utility.

Further Information