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How to get started?

Step 1: Create your eCredits Account

  • Download the eWallet App first from the App Store or Google Play
  • Open the app and click "Sign Up."
  • Provide your email and password. Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • You'll receive a confirmation code via email. Enter this code in the app to complete the account creation process.


The Seed Phrase is a 12-word security key in a specific order for the eWallet App. It’s generated during the initial registration process. If you didn't set up the Seed Phrase during registration, you can find and manage it in the "Settings" section of the app. Remember to store the Seed Phrase in a secure place, keeping it hidden and inaccessible to others. Sharing any part of the Seed Phrase or your PIN/password can lead to unauthorized access to your private keys and assets (ECS, ACT) in the eWallet App.

Step 2: Register on Blocktrade

To use some of the eWallet App features (e.g., Quick Trade) provided by Blocktrade, you'll need to connect your Blocktrade account to your eWallet App.

  • Go to "Assets" and tap "Exchange."
  • Select "Connect Account."
  • If you don't have a Blocktrade account, you can create one by registering on their website and completing the necessary details and user identification (KYC/KYB) process.
  • Once registered, connect your account address in the eWallet App and accept the legal disclaimer.

Step 3: Get eCredits (ECS)

There are three ways to acquire eCredits in your eWallet App:

  • Buy on the connected exchange: Link your eWallet to an exchange and purchase eCredits there. To transfer eCredits from the exchange to your eWallet, select the desired amount and click "Transfer."
  • Use a public address: In the "eWallet" tab, click on the blue card or the "My Address" button to get your personal wallet address. Copy this address and use it as your public address to receive eCredits from any other source.
  • Buy with credit/debit card or SEPA transaction: Go to the "Buy" tab of your eWallet App, choose your preferred provider and follow the instructions provided in the pop-up tabs.

Step 4: Purchasing with eCredits

To get started, use the map in the eWallet App to locate eCredits Merchants. If you want to shop online, search for websites that accept ECS. To purchase with ECS, simply scan the Merchant-generated QR code using the eCredits button in the eWallet App. Every time you purchase with ECS, you earn eActivity (ACT) rewards. Also, when you shop at selected stores, you get eCashback. You can check your updated eActivity and eCashback balances any time.

How to invite others?

Open your eWallet App and tap the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Click the blue "Invite a friend" button below your profile image. On the "Invite a friend" screen, you have two options:

  • Enter the email address of the person you want to invite and click "Continue." An email invitation will be automatically sent to them.
  • Generate a personal invitation link by tapping the “Create link” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the generated link and share it through email, Messenger, WhatsApp, or any other supported channel. You will receive an eActivity Invite Bonus of 100 ACT in your eWallet once your friend accepts the invitation, downloads the eWallet App, and makes their first purchase on eCredits.

Quick Trade

Quick Trade enables users to accept cryptocurrencies and convert them into fiats or other cryptocurrencies directly in the eWallet App. To use it, you must first connect to your third-party exchange account. In the “Overview” section, you can choose the desired asset pairs. Currently you can use the trading pairs ECS/EUR, BTC/ECS and ECS/USDC. To checkout with Quick Trade, just:

  • Click on “Place Order”
  • Enter the amount you want to exchange
  • Click “Quick Trade” to exchange your assets automatically
  • Once the order has been created, you will receive a notification
  • You can see the updates with the real-time exchange rate