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What is eVault?

The eVault is a smart contract in the eWallet App on the eSync Network, independent from The People's SCE and audited by two entities. It allows you to lock eCredits (ECS) via smart contract for one year and earn rewards. By eVaulting, you earn a minimum of 2% rewards on your locked assets. Rewards can be claimed at any time after settling gas fees. The eVaulted assets will not accrue additional rewards after the one-year period.

eVault functionalities enable you to:

  • Review past and current eVault activity
  • Create your own eVault plan
  • Track rewards in real time
  • Claim rewards in real time

eVault Rewards

eVault Rewards vary depending on your eCredits Subscription plan:

  • Free Subscription: 2%
  • Gold Subscription: 3%
  • Platinum Subscription: 6%

How to eVault?

  • Go to "Assets" tab
  • Click the "eVault" icon
  • Add your ECS to the eVault by selecting the desired amount (up to a maximum of 3.75 million ECS)

Find out more in the “eVault Terms” document here.