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eCredits Incentive Programs

eCredits comes with two integrated incentive programs: eActivity and eCashback.


eActivity is a decentralized reward system on the eSync Network that rewards active users with eActivity reward tokens(ACT) for specific activities like friend invitations or purchases. ACTs are non-transferable and only for active supporters of the eCredits Ecosystem. Learn more about eActivity by watching this video.

Types of eActivity Rewards:

  • Purchase Bonus: Whenever a Consumer uses eCredits for purchases from eCredits Merchants, they receive 1% of the transaction amount in ACT.
  • Invite Bonus: All Users are rewarded for inviting others to join eCredits
    • 300 ACT bonus is awarded once the invited Merchant has paid their Subscription
    • 100 ACT bonus is awarded once the invited User makes their first purchase with ECS
  • Welcome Bonus: ACT is earned when joining The People’s SCE as a Member


eCashback is an optional Cashback program from a third-party Cashback provider. To use it, ensure your eWallet App is connected to your third-party Cashback account. Green position markers on the eWallet App's map indicate eCashback partner acceptance points.

Benefits of eCashback:

  • Completely free and set up in minutes
  • Get up to 5% cashback for purchases with ECS at a cashback partner
  • Fully digital, without any cards, and paid out within seconds