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Trezor Hardware Wallet

There is currently no native account support for trezor devices, but you can use Metamask to connect to the eCredits network. The usage of Metamask and Trezor hardware wallets is described at and

To use your trezor hardware wallet with Metamask and eCredits, please follow these steps:


  1. Download/Update Trezor Suite
  2. Update the Firmware of your Trezor device
  3. Install Metamask
  4. Connect Metamask with eCredits network (see Metamask)

Connect Hardware Wallet

  1. Unlock your Trezor device
  2. Click "Hardware Wallet" in Metamask
  3. In the popup, click "Allow once for this session"
  4. click "Export" at "Export public key of Ethereum account #1"
  5. Back in Metamask, select as much accounts as you want to import