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Log Messages

This section describes some of the log messages of the validator and what they mean:

  • Commit new sealing work: The validator assembled a new block and commits it to the network.
  • Imported new chain segment: New blocks were downloaded from the network and added to the blockchain.
  • Unindexed transactions: The node maintains an index of transactions for faster access. This log message means that there are transactions which are not yet indexed.
  • 🔨 mined potential block: The validator potentially mined a block (potentially, because it must be accepted by all validators).
  • Deep froze chain segment: Ancient chain segments are moved out of the active database into immutable append-only files.
  • 🔗 block reached canonical chain: The block is now on the canonical chain. There could be reorgs which results in temporary forks. The canonical chain is the fork that is accepted by all validators.
  • Self-blocking signing requested: A speciality in the consensus algorithm. Basically, all validators start to work on a block, but those who do currently not have the mining slot will add a small delay to it. If a node creates a block without a slot, it must miss the next slot and the delay will be extended and this message will popup.
  • Block sealing failed err="signed recently, must wait for others": The validator signed a block recently and now must wait for the other validators to seal blocks.
  • Snapshot extension registration failed: Someone tried to connect to your node, but it failed (because of different configuration), which is fine.