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The following contains a quick walkthrough of the installation of a Validator Node. The general process applies for all node types, you just have to use the respecive docker-compose file for your node type.


Please ensure you meet all prerequisites for running a node!

Preparation (Updates & Docker)

Please install docker as described at For Ubuntu, you can also simply use:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install docker docker-compose
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Node Setup

sudo mkdir -p $datadir/datadir/geth
cd $datadir

If you want to use a separate account for your rewards, please update etherbase address before you continue (see below). If not, please make sure to remove the commented lines from the docker-compose file.

Start Node

docker-compose -f validator.docker-compose.yaml up -d
docker exec -it ecredits_ecs-validator_1 geth account new
# check log files if node is connected and is in sync
docker logs --tail 10 -f ecredits_ecs-validator_1

Start Validation

Your validator must be accepted by the community or the SCE. If you are a member of the SCE, you can apply via mail at Please provide your user id (email address) and the address of the validator (0x,etc.).

docker exec -it ecredits_ecs-validator_1 geth attach

Within Geth:

personal.unlockAccount("<Address>", "<PW>", 0)


personal.unlockAccount("0x...", "mySecret", 0)